Services we provide.

VISUAL inspection – especially leads,checking cords are firmly attached, solid connections, no frayed ends and terminals are clean and not pitted.

TESTING – for unseen faults, earth continuity/bond, insulation,earth leakage and polarity tests.

TAGGING – pass or fail, tags are automatically generated with a barcode, testing date, by whom, Technician license number, when next due.


RECORD keeping – preparing and maintaining an asset register.  This register can be utilized for asset tracking in a business. A pdf document is provided to the client on completion of testing and tagging. 


RECALL REMINDER service is provided to ensure testing and tagging is performed at scheduled intervals.  B-Safe Test N Tag will contact you via phone or email when testing is due.


 Types of Tests performed

  • Visual
  • Earth Continuity/Bond
  • Insulation resistance
  • Earth Leakage Test
  • Polarity
  • RCD Trip Time Test


Why Test and Tag

At all workplaces employers are required to ensure that they conduct business in a way that is electrically safe.

Compliance testing of electrical equipment is required by Electrical Safety Regulations Part 5 Sec 82-90.